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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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(1). Apron
thumbnail image of itemA dark green wool apron, machine sewn.
Owner(s) :Shantz, Elizabeth  
(2). Apron
thumbnail image of itemA black cotton sateen apron.
Owner(s) :Shantz, Elizabeth  
(3). Armchair
thumbnail image of itemArmchair with oak back rail and pine seat with turned spindles in the arms and back.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Samuel B.  
(4). Betty Lamp
thumbnail image of itemHand-forged iron lard lamp simple in design without wick pick but with linked hook device for hanging.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Joseph E.  
(5). Blanket Box
thumbnail image of itemPine blanket box of simple construction which appears to have been over-painted in flat grey.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Hannah  Shantz, Aaron E.  
(6). Blanket Chest
thumbnail image of itemA pine blanket chest with red and black stained finish. Printed on the inside of the lid is "Tobias Eby / S.88.101.13 / Elma."
Owner(s) :Eby, Tobias  
(7). Boy's Dress
thumbnail image of itemA low-waisted, navy blue and beige dress for a boy 3 to 6 years old.
Owner(s) :Shantz, John B.  
(8). Brooch
thumbnail image of itemA brooch made of two lengths of brown mesh and yarn cords.
Owner(s) :Tyson, Angeline Louisa  
(9). Brooch and Earring
thumbnail image of itemA black enamelled brooch with floral design. There is a matching earring.
Owner(s) :Tyson, Angeline Louisa  
(10). Butter Press with Carved Bird Motif
thumbnail image of itemA small wooden butterpress with a bird motif and decorative edge.
Owner(s) :Eby, William K.  
(11). Cabbage Cutter with Star Motif
thumbnail image of itemA large cabbage or slaw cutter made of light-coloured unfinished wood decorated with an eight-pointed star carved in relief.
Owner(s) :Eby, Cyrus  
(12). Cane
thumbnail image of itemA simple wooden cane with crooked top and rubber tip for added stability.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Samuel B.  
(13). Cape
thumbnail image of itemA short black wool cape lined with black cotton.
Owner(s) :Shantz, Elizabeth  
(14). Chest of Drawers
thumbnail image of itemPine chest of drawers painted red.
Owner(s) :Eby, John B.  
(15). Desk
thumbnail image of itemA cherrywood desk with heart motif on the lid into which is inlaid "Moses Eby 1817."
Owner(s) :Eby, Moses  
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