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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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Item NameP.E. Shantz Products

Owner(s) Shantz, Peter E.
YearEarly: 1898 - Late: 1900
Collection Doon Heritage Crossroads

Contact :
10 Huron Rd. Kitchener 519-748-1914
Accession No.1971.031.001
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Foundry Equipment
Two collections of metalworking equipment and patterns used by the P.E. Shantz Foundry.

Ledger and Index
A ledger and companion index for "P.E. Shantz, Preston, Ont. , Nov. 25th 1892 - Nov. 25th 1892; Fred Shantz, 11/25/92." There are two other ledgers in this group of documents.

Trade Catalog
A trade catalog for "Buckeye Light Binder, Shantz Mower, Preston Mower, Preston Reaper..."

Trade Catalog
25th annual catalog for P.E. Shantz Farm implements.

Trade Catalog
Trade catalogs titled "Descriptive Catalogue / P.E. Shantz / Preston, Ont."

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