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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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Item NameBible with Family Register

Owner(s) Clemens, Mary
Hallman, Elden
Hallman, Jacob C.
Hallman, Lydia Ann
Hallman, Veronica
Hallman, Mary Ann
Hallman, Abraham C.
Hallman, Ervine
Hallman, John S.
Hallman, Allan C.
Hallman, Rachel
Hallman, Emma
Hallman, Levy
YearEarly: 1852 - Late: 1880
Maker\AttributionIsaac Hunsicker/Wilhelm Gerhard
Collection Joseph Schneider Haus Museum

Contact :
466 Queen St. S. Kitchener 519-742-7752
Accession No.1997.023.001.003
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Johannes Halman or John Hallman Family Bible

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