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From Pennsylvania to Waterloo - A Biographical History of Waterloo Township

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(46). Fretwork Picture Frame
thumbnail image of itemAn intricately carved fretwork frame crowned by a rooster.
Owner(s) :Eby, William K.  
(47). Fruit Jar
thumbnail image of itemA small, glazed pottery, storage jar possibly made by Cyrus Eby.
Owner(s) :Eby, Cyrus  
(48). Hand-painted Tea Plate
thumbnail image of itemA hand-painted tea plate with grape and floral patterned border and a large central floral pattern.
Owner(s) :Hembling, Lucy  
(49). Hanging Clock Shelf
thumbnail image of itemA handcrafted hanging clock shelf with six-point compass star in the centre flanked by tulips and circular carvings.
Owner(s) :Eby, William K.  
(50). Highchair
thumbnail image of itemHand and machine-made, painted highchair owned by Louisa Schneider Troxel.
Owner(s) :Snyder, Louisa  
(51). Highchair
thumbnail image of itemA dark brown highchair with tapered back spindles and arm rests, and a rounded seat.
Owner(s) :Eby, Abraham  Hembling, Lucy  
(52). Home of Hannes Eby
thumbnail image of itemResidence of Hannes Eby in Hammer Creek, Pennsylvania where the German Company was organized to purchase a 60,000 acre tract in Canada.
Owner(s) :Eby, John  
(53). Homer Shantz postcard
thumbnail image of itemPostcard address to Dr. Leroy Shantz
Owner(s) :Shantz, Homer Roy  
(54). Jacquard Coverlet
thumbnail image of itemA tied doublecloth, jacquard coverlet with an eagle, star, floral, and scroll pattern design.
Owner(s) :Baumann, Blandinah  
(55). Jacquard Coverlet
thumbnail image of itemA red wool and cotton jacquard coverlet handwoven full width with fringe on three sides.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Samuel B.  
(56). Jacquard Coverlet
thumbnail image of itemA jacquard coverlet or bedspread of the tied doublecloth variety with an all-cotton warp and dark blue wool pattern weft.
Owner(s) :Eby, Mary  
(57). Joseph Schneider Haus
thumbnail image of itemThe second home built on Lot 17 German Company Tract, Waterloo County, by Joseph Schneider prior to 1816.
Owner(s) :Schneider, Joseph  
(58). Locket
thumbnail image of itemA pewter locket on a heavy, ornate chain given to May Angela Bowman when she was a girl, by her father, Israel D. Bowman.
Owner(s) :Bowman, May Angela  
(59). Memento
thumbnail image of itemA memento made from a piece of fungus etched with hand printing "Sunday P.M. / Sept. 23-1917 / 31 mile auto trip...."
Owner(s) :Shantz, Etta  Shantz, Franklin  Shantz, Orpheus M.  
(60). Memento
thumbnail image of itemA memento made from a piece of fungus etched or painted with hand printing "Together for Sunday Dinner / Heavy Snow Storm / January 1 - 1922 ...."
Owner(s) :Shantz, Florence Annie Catherine  Shantz, Franklin  Shantz, Orpheus M.  
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